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Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color. We gently cook our potatoes to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently season them with the freshest, all natural ingredients and spices, creating chips with deep, rich flavors and fresh-from-the-field character.

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Spicy Thai™

ginger with ATTITUDE

Reach for your passport and prepare to take a chip trip. We’ve pulled together two Thai classics into an unforgettable flavor excursion you’ll want to write home about. The sweetness and snap of fresh ginger comes together with the red peppery heat of Thai spice to create a collision of East and West in the crunch of the world’s most worldly chip. Available in 5 oz and 8.5 oz.

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