Kettle® Brand

Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color. We gently cook our potatoes to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently season them with the freshest, all natural ingredients and spices, creating chips with deep, rich flavors and fresh-from-the-field character.

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Sweet Onion

savory, satisfying GOODNESS

There are certain foods that just simply belong together, and make you feel right at home. That's how we felt when we combined the savory flavor of sweet onions, gently simmered in butter and a pinch of garlic, with the salty, golden crunch of our select potatoes. It offers up a whole new meaning to comfort food. Grab a bowl and make yourself comfortable. Available in 2 oz, 5 oz and 8.5 oz.

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