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Our Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips have big, bold flavor and a crispy crunch. They taste so great because they're made from real food ingredients, the finest organic corn, natural oils and craft cooking methods.  And they're backed by a commitment to sustainability like wind power, solar power, green building and biodiesel. Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips: Simply great tasting tortilla chips.

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Salsa Picante


There's definitely something corny about these chips, but don't be fooled. They mean business. We paired the satisfying taste of hearty yellow corn with spicy jalapeños for a generous taste bud pick-me-up. Then we added tomatoes, onions, and garlic, for that tangy salsa flavor you crave. Feeling your temperature rise? If you don't-you will, after one or two of these tongue-blastin' Tortilla Chips! Ándale your way to a bag of your own.

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