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Our Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips have big, bold flavor and a crispy crunch. They taste so great because they're made from real food ingredients, the finest organic corn, natural oils and craft cooking methods.  And they're backed by a commitment to sustainability like wind power, solar power, green building and biodiesel. Kettle Brand® Tortilla Chips: Simply great tasting tortilla chips.

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Toasted Corn


Some things are better left alone. Like Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips! Toasted corn is combined with, well, nothing. Except for a little oil and sea salt for that perfectly fresh, unadulterated corn flavor. Use them to scoop up your favorite homemade guacamole recipe or add a dollop of salsa and sour cream. Not that they need it, but sometimes even the simplest chips want to get dressed up too. DISCONTINUED but still may be in some stores.

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