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Image of Potatoes on a Green Background

Allied Potato

Meet Derek Davenport, the farmer who grew the potatoes in your bag.

In the Eyes of the (Potato) Beholder

When you ask Derek Davenport about farming, he paints a picture with so much detail it’s obvious he’s hooked: “There’s nothing like being up before the sun rises on a spring morning. When the sun starts to comes up, you see steam rolling off the freshly turned soil as the ground starts to warm for the day. You just can’t imagine anything more beautiful.”

But the stunning scenery is just part of what Derek loves about farming. It’s the people he works with and the knowledge he’s growing the best quality potatoes that make what he does feel less like a job and more like a hobby.

  • Kettle Brand Farmer Since: 2009
  • Location: Pasco, WA
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