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Image of Potatoes on a Green Background

Baley-Trotman Farms

Meet Mathew Trotman, the farmer who grew the potatoes in your bag.

Second-Generation Sustainability

In Mathew Trotman’s eyes, farming has always been sustainable: Farmers knew they had to care for the land in order to reap its rewards. But year-after-year, as new technology and practices emerge, the folks at Baley-Trotman Farms continue to push the envelope.

Following in his dad (Mark) and uncle’s (Lon) footsteps when they first started the farm in the 70s, Mathew and his brother-in-law Ryan started growing organic potatoes in 2014. One of the primary suppliers of our organic potatoes, Mathew is proud of the advancements they’ve made over the years including operating irrigation pumps and storage cellars with solar energy and working to reduce fuel consumption by taking fewer passes over fields thanks to GPS technology in their equipment.

  • Kettle Brand Farmer Since: 2015
  • Location: Baley-Trotman Farms, OR
Image of Baley-Trotman Farms

For best 360 video viewing on your desktop play directly from this link on Chrome/Firefox. Click the video to begin playing. Then, click and drag your mouse around the video to explore your surroundings. On your phone, tap the video to begin playing or view in the YouTube app. To explore your surroundings, move your phone around or swipe your finger left and right over the screen. To learn more about viewing this video with Google Cardboard, please see below. Enjoy!

How To Use Google Cardboard Headset To Watch The 360º Tour

  1. Unfold and set up your google cardboard headset.
  2. Connect to wifi to avoid data charges.
  3. Download the free Google Cardboard app from the App Store (iPhone) of Google Play (Android).
  4. Go to:
  5. When prompted, open the video in the YouTube app for 360º viewing.
  6. Click and select the cardboard viewer icon when the YouTube film opens.
  7. Put your smartphone into the viewer.
  8. If possible, wear headphones.