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Image of Potatoes on a Green Background

Miedema Produce, Inc.

Meet Todd Miedema, the farmer who grew the potatoes in your bag.

New Roots

While potatoes are at the heart of what we do at Kettle Brand, it’s not all taters all the time. That’s where the folks at Miedema Produce come in. Todd Miedema and his family grow the parsnips for our Uprooted vegetable chips on their 2,000 acre farm in Hudsonville, Michigan.

Much like us, the folks at Miedema are long-time stewards of the environment. Using only those resources necessary to grow and harvest healthy produce, while nurturing the soil they grown in, some may say they’re rooted in sustainability.

  • Kettle Brand Farmer Since: 2014
  • Location: Hudsonville, MI
Image of Tractor