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Image of Potatoes on a Green Background

Walther Farms

Meet Jason Walther, the farmer who grew the potatoes in your bag.

Farming As a Way of Life

As a third-generation member of the Walther family, Jason was just six years old when he realized his passion was, and always would be, farming. “Farming is a way of life and it becomes part of who you are,” Jason said. Luckily, Jason has help from nine family members including siblings and cousins to grow the best quality potatoes for Kettle Brand potato chips. The family farmers also practice sustainable farming, implementing proper crop rotations that naturally enrich the farm’s soil, including seeding 500 acres of land with a cover crop mixture every third year. By doing so, they provide valuable habitat for pollinators like the monarch butterfly, comma butterfly, eastern bumblebee and European honeybees.

When the Walthers aren’t tending the taters and pollinators, they volunteer to serve their local community schools. The farmers pack more than 600 backpacks every week with food to help students in need.

  • Kettle Brand Farmer Since: 2016
  • Location: Three Rivers, MI
Image of Farmers on Walther Farms