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Image of Potatoes on a Green Background

Burch Farms

Meet Jimmy Burch Jr., the farmer who grew the potatoes in your bag.

Farming: An Excellent Adventure

At Burch Farms, it’s a true family affair: Jimmy Burch Jr. works alongside his brother Jared, dad Jimmy, mom Theresa and two uncles, Bill and Ted (party on, dudes!). And while tradition is important at Burch Farms, they’re also not afraid to try new things.

So it’s no surprise when we asked Jimmy’s family to join us on our adventure to introduce Kettle Brand Uprooted sweet potato chips in 2015 that Burch Farms became our first sweet potato supplier. A family after our own hearts, the Burch’s are proud of their history and what they produce – good food for good people.


  • Kettle Brand Farmer Since: 2014
  • Location: Faison, NC
Image of Burch Farms

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How To Use Google Cardboard Headset To Watch The 360º Tour

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  8. If possible, wear headphones.